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About Us



Areas of advice and service include:

Site procurement

Feasibility input and review

Development management

Comparative market analysis and market trends

Product development

Unit mix



Marketing strategy

Advertising schedule and budget

Advertising and marketing management

Sales strategy and sales management

Strategius (Property) is a project marketing advisory business that caters to the critically important requirement to engage experienced and knowledgeable project marketing professionals at the inception of a project, to give each project the greatest prospect for a highly profitable outcome. Strategius is led by a strong executive team with high level experience in property project marketing advisory, including project management services in planning and managing sales and marketing for large real estate development projects across Australia.

Often, developers appoint a Sales Agent when they are ready to launch their development to the market. Rarely is the agent a trained and experienced project marketing professional and seldom have they been engaged in the planning, feasibility and marketing strategy for the project. This often results in developer driven projects that may or may not succeed based on broader economic factors at the time.

Strategius helps to de-risk a project by providing a comprehensive Project Marketing Advisory service from the earliest stages of project inception, assisting the developer in their feasibility studies of the project by providing current insights into the local market, including the provision of a comprehensive comparative market analysis, buyer demand and demographics, market drivers, etc.

Furthermore, in this phase of preparation, utilising the information gained in conjunction with industry experience and market knowledge, Strategius will assist the developer with briefing the architectural team and will become an active resource to the project control group providing advice on unit mix, building amenity, floor-plans and plates, pricing structure and rate of sale. In conjunction with the project control group, Strategius will also provide a comprehensive and broad ranging local, national and international marketing strategy to support the required sales rate. This includes the provision of marketing advice and working with the marketing agencies to provide the theme and project identity and guide them on what is required for marketing collateral, sales suites, models, images and advertising. With regard to the advertising, we can provide a schedule and budget, and work with the development manager to manage both.

Included in the sales and marketing strategy is a recommendation for the provision of sales services from one or more local and/or national project sales companies and an international sales strategy to ensure all potential markets are appropriately covered. Working with Strategius ensures projects take account of consumer sentiment, provide product that is desirable to the market, is represented competitively and professionally, and ultimately has the best opportunity to be seen in an often crowded marketplace, and is therefore sold successfully.